Twitter Foolishly Suggests Rosie O'Donnell 'Might Like' To Follow Donald Trump

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Is Twitter trying to reconcile Rosie O�Donnell�and Donald Trump?

The duo�s decade-long feud�erupted again this week following the GOP nominee�s jibe at the TV personality during Monday night�s presidential debate.�O�Donnell fired back, calling the brash businessman an �orange anus.�

The micro-blogging giant seemed to attempt to play peacemaker on Thursday by suggesting O�Donnell follow the account of her nemesis. Unsurprisingly, she didn�t want to know.

OK, so the suggestion was more likely down to Twitter�s algorithms, rather than a conscious effort by someone at the service.

The site suggests who users should follow based on their location and who they�ve previously interacted with. And with thousands of people discussing the duo�s animosity, it was perhaps inevitable that at some point one would be invited to follow the other.

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