Dad Passes Mum Their Newborn Baby Wearing Two Onesies, Then She Looks Closer…

Special moments between couples are captured on camera all the time. For example, you may simply be at a baseball game, but then share a kiss for the world to see on the Kiss Cam. Or maybe, you’re a teen taking a selfie of you and your loved one sharing an intimate moment, which you later post on Instagram. Or maybe you even have a whole album of memories with your loved one on Flickr. That’s the amazing thing about technology, it allows you to capture and immortalize all these beautiful moments more than ever!

Mark and his partner Naae are a couple from Reno, Nevada. Mark works on the cash register at Dunkin’ Donuts and Naae is a stay-at-home mom. They recently welcomed a third member to the family – a beautiful baby boy called Zyaire. They’ve already decided that Zy will be his nickname!

1. The Relationship Between Mark And Naae

The time had come for the couple to introduce Zy to the entire family, but with all their loved one’s present, Naae was suddenly brought to tears when she realized Mark had dressed their child in two onesies. Grab your tissues…

NEXT: Find out more about Mark’s joy at becoming a father…

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