Baby kangaroo loses her mom, refuses to let go of caretaker’s arms

Animals and humans alike all need love. And that’s evident when you see cute little fur babies like Indi. Indi is an orphaned baby kangaroo that was rescued and now lives on The Kangaroo Sanctuary of Alice Springs in Central Australia.

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Since little Indi doesn’t have her mother to cuddle and hold him, she often looks to her handlers for affection. In a video that has now gone viral, Indi just can’t stop hugging one of the sanctuary’s employees.



Source: YouTube Screenshot

The handler gives her some love but eventually tries to squirm this little kangaroo off of her arm, but Indi is not having it. She wants his cuddles, and she wants them now. And she is holding on tight for them.



Source: YouTube Screenshot

You can just tell that she just really wants to feel loved and be held, and to that we say, “Same, Indi… same.”

You can get your “awww’s” in by clicking on his video below.

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